D'Or et de Lumière - Or Vezahav / Of Gold & Light

Music for Celebrations

1 CD - Evidence Classics EVCD029
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XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade, Cyrille Gerstenhaber, Jean-Christophe Frisch
original title: D'or et de Lumiere / XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade
collection: EVIDENCE

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  • Jewish of the Mediterranean from the holy days of the year, from Rosh Hashanah to Passover. Along the way, it switches from one style to another; from Baroque in Hebrew language to Ladino romances; from the most lively rhythms to the most melancholic melodies. By dint of a wide variety of instruments theorbos, baroque guitars, colascione, viola da terra, viols, flutes, many percussions, all its colours are highlighted. Through a humanistic and pioneering approach, XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade, founded by Jean-Christoph Frisch 20 years ago, in their second album for Evidence, contrast and improvise, exposing the many influences that Jewish music conveys.


    ROSH HASHANA: 1. Avinu Malkenu
    HOSHA’ANA RABA (SUKKOT, DERNIER JOUR) Anon: extraits de Dio, Clemenza e Rigore 1733, Casale Monferato
    2. Allegro 3. Andante e piano 4. Recitativo (la Clemenza) 5. Aria Allegro (la Clemenza)
    6. The Jewes Dance, Cambridge Consort Books, c. 1595 7. Yo m’enamori
    HANNUKA: 8. Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739), intonazione degli Ebrei Tedeschi
    9. Ocho Kandelikas 10. Pesrev neveser 11. Traditionnel ladino: Para que quero mas vivir
    PURIM: 12. Casale Monferato: Allegro 13. Giuseppe Lidarti (1730 – ca 1794): Recitativo et Aria (Ester)
    14. Traditionnel ladino: Coplas de Purim 15. Traditionnel ladino: La Rosa Enflorece
    16. Traditionnel ladino : Cuando el Rey Nimrod
    PESSA’H: 17. Biagio Marini (1597-1665): Sonata a 3 18. ‘Had Gadia
  • XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade
    Cyrille Gerstenhaber
    Jean-Christophe Frisch

    XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade
    Cyrille Gerstenhaber
    Jean-Christophe Frisch
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