Di Guerra e di Pace

Renaissance music for winds and percussion

1 CD - Glossa GCD923901
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La Pifarescha
original title: Di Guerra e di Pace
collection: GLOSSA

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  • Given the prevalence of war in Europe during the Renaissance it is no real surprise that warlike themes and echoes of battles should find their ways into music, such as the many 'L’Homme armé' and 'La Bataille' masses of the time. With 'Di guerra e di pace', La Pifarescha captures the contrast between the roar and rhythms of battle and the celebrations of courtly and popular festivities as would have been performed by an alta cappella ensemble from the Middle Ages through to the dawn of the Baroque: shawms, slide trumpets and sackbuts, plus other wind instruments buttressed by percussion instruments. The music of well-known composers from the period – Josquin, Isaac, Willaert, Phalèse, Susato and Senfl – is conjured up in virtuosic performances from this Italian ensemble, making its first appearance on Glossa, although its members regularly contribute to instrumental performances by the likes of Cantica Symphonia or La Venexiana.
    This modern journey, creating a Renaissance 'soundtrack', embraces not just war and peace but also the contrast of European and Arabic and Asiatic influences from the times of the Crusades through to civic bands playing for residents of Renaissance Venice or Bologna. In creating this enjoyable and improvisation-filled entertainment the members of La Pifarescha wear their scholarly knowledge lightly as they play their way from the popular to the erudite and back.

    01 Moritz von HESSEN-KASSEN: Pavana del povero soldato,
    02 Pierre PHALESE: Pavane de la guerre, 03 Gaillarde de la guerre
    04 Josquin DESPREZ: Adieu mes amours, 05 Adrian WILLAERT: Vecchie letrose
    06 ANON: Basse dance 1, 07 Tielman SUSATO: Entrée du fol
    08 Ludwig SENFL: Im Maien hört man die Hanen kreen, 09 Heinrich ISAAC: La Morra
    10 Jean d’ESTREES: Les Bouffons, 11 Pierre PHALESE: Pavana Ferrareze, 12 Gaillarda Ferrareze
    13 SENFL: Patientia, muss ich han, wohl kann
    14 ANON: Die vollen Brüedren, 15 Symphonia nobili sirene organa / In laudem summi Regis
    16 Jehan TABOUROT: Belle qui tiens ma vie, 17 HESSEN-KASSEL: Pastorella
    18 Giovanni AMBOSIO: Amoroso, 19 DESPREZ: Mille Regretz, 20 Tielman SUSATO: Pavane Mille Regretz
    21 HESSEN-KASSEL: Pastorella, 22 Paul KUGELMANN: Nichts werders ist, 23 ANON: O partita crudele
    24 DESPREZ: Scaramella, 25 ANON: Allemande

  • La Pifarescha

    La Pifarescha:
    Stefano Vezzani [recorders, pipe and tabor, shawms]
    Marco Ferrari [recorders, shawms, bagpipes]
    Mauro Morini [sackbuts, slide trumpet, buisine]
    David Yacus [sackbuts, buisine]
    Fabio Tricomi [fiddle, pipe and tabor, percussion]
    Svetlana Fomina [fiddle]
    Gabriele Miracle [dulcimer, percussion]

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    ref. GCD923901
    release date. 2016-05-27

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