John CAGE: Sonatas & Interludes

1 CD - Hat Hut Records hatn152
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James Tenney
original title: John Cage : Sonatas & Interludes
collection: NOW SERIES

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  • John Cage turns 100 in 2012, and all manner of events are underway
    for a worldwide celebration. Check out for breaking news about events

    "How rare, and valuable, it is to be able to experience one composer's masterwork through the sensibility of another significant, stylistically distinct composer – via a performance that reveals unexpected aspects of both. that is to say, an approach to performance not as an act of self-conscious, flamboyant or dramatic interpretation, according to the concerns of technique, expression, and projection that are at the heart of an instrumentalist’s presentation of a musical score to an audience, but something completely different; rather, an examination of the music’s premise and complex details from a contrasting, individual, compositional curiosity." Art Lange
  • James Tenney

    James Tenney [piano]
  • 1 CD - 0h 50mn 26s
    upc/ean. 752156015222
    ref. hatn152
    release date. 2012-07-30