Euskel Antiqva - Legacy of the Land of Basque  

1 CD - Alia Vox AV9910
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Enrike Solinís
original title: Euskel Antiqua - Musique from the Land of Basque / Solinis 

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  • Kontrapas Bernart Etxepare / Herrikoia, Perutxoren Kantua Gaspar Gómez (1536) / Trad,
    Sibilaren Profezia Joanes Etxeberri (s. XVI) / Liturgic Song, Aragueako Petrika - Trad,
    Janzu Janto Cancionero de Palacio (c. 1500), Zure begiok nekusenean Joan Pérez de Lazarraga (1567),
    Ürrütiko Kantorea - Trad, , Urruska Fandangoa - Trad, Izan nüzü Prantzian - Trad/Juan Vásquez,
    Con amores, la mi madre - Johannes de Antxieta (1462-1523), Cantar de Urrejola - J. P. de Lazarraga,
    Gaiza Zenduan Lenizanok - Trad/Anon, Ternuako porrue - Trad, Acuerdo de Judimendi - Jewish Trad. Song,
    Ave Sanctissima Maria - Johannes de Antxieta, Koumis-Ezpatadantza - Trad/Tabassian,
    Hamar Manamenduiak - uis Alberto de Gómez (s. XVI), Salve Regina - Gonzalo Martínez de Bizkargi (1463-1528), Sonata en Re - Mateo Pérez de Albéniz (1755-1831), Dianea Joan - Pérez de Lazarraga (1567), Barri Onak Dakart - Mss. J.P. de Lazarraga / F. De Salinas, Bralea, Argizagi ederra - Trad.

    The programme offered by Enrike Solinís and his ensemble brings together all the key elements Alia Vox aim to make a hallmark of this new DIVERSA collection: the discovery of neglected early Basque music - performed with respect for the historical practices and traditions of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods. Thanks to the talent and sensitivity of the singers and musicians of EUSKAL BARROKENSEMBLE directed by Enrike Solinís, we can marvel at these musical gems full of vitality and emotion which distil the essence of the musical culture of the ancient Basque Country.
    'Since its foundation in 1997, ALIA VOX has been distinguished by a catalogue consisting exclusively of record releases produced and performed by us: that is to say, by Montserrat Figueras, Hespèrion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations, Arianna Savall, Ferran Savall and myself. 18 years and more than 100 CDs later, we are delighted to announce a new collection - ALIA VOX DIVERSA. It will feature recordings not previously released by talented musicians and ensembles who have been chosen and selected for their musical interest and merit, the importance of their repertoire and originality of programming. This launch marks a major departure, allowing us to discover on a regular basis original and hitherto unrecorded proposals from musicians who have worked with us on numerous projects over a long period and who have innovative and interesting programmes of their own to offer which are characterised by rigorous performances steeped in emotion and creativity.' Jordi Savall
  • Enrike Solinís

    Euskal Barrokensemble:
    Maika Etxekopar, Leire Berasaluze,
    Mixel Etxekopar [voice], Miren Zeberio [violin]
    Sabin Bikandi [alboka/txistua]
    Kiya Tabassian [setar], Rami Alqhai viol]
    Pablo Martin Caminero [violone]
    Daniel Oyarzaba [organ]
    Daniel Garay, Xavier Leturia,
    David Chupete [perc]
    Daniele Carnovich [bass]
    David Sagastume [counter tenor]
    Jesus García Arejula [baritone]

  • 1 CD - 0h 57mn 15s
    upc/ean. 8435408099103
    ref. AV9910
    release date. 2015-06-29

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