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1 Blu-ray - FRA Musica FRA502
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  • At last, Mireille is to be staged at the opéra de Paris: one of the most original works of the 19th century has found its rightful place at the Palais Garnier.
    In 1854, a young Provençal poet, Fredéric Mistral, founded a literary association with a few other people, the aim of which was to uphold and illustrate its language and culture.
    They called this school Félibrige, a word of mysterious origin - a blend of joy, books and freedom.
    In 1859, he took things one step further and gave Félibrige its battle flag and masterpiece, Miréio, a vast epic love poem.
    As it happened, Gounod, whose Faust was created that year, read Mireille shortly after publication and was full of enthusiasm.
    He went to Saint-Rémy de Provence to seek out the passionate music.
    Due to its singularity and density, the work had a difficult career and was revised and altered several times.
    Much later, in 1939, Guy Ferrant and Henri Busser, disciples of Gounod, restored the original partition.
    Mireille was finally to regain its colour and astounding dramatic progression, from the fine midsummer's morning and its dancing to the gripping scene in the desert-like Crau region and the final demise.
  • Orchestre et Choeurs de l'Opera national de Paris
    Marc Minkowski

    Orchestre et Choeurs de l'Opera national de Paris
    Marc Minkowski, conductor
    Inva Mula, Mireille
    Charles Castronovo, Vincent
    Franck Ferrari, Ourrias
    Alain Vernhes, Maitre Ramon
  • 1 Blu-ray - 2h 32mn 0s
    upc/ean. 3770002003039
    ref. FRA502
    release date. 2010-11-08

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