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original title: Michael Wollny: Nachtfahrten

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  • Michael Wollny's star continues to rise, sharply, with recognition now rightly his as one of the leading jazz musicians of our time. Wollny is too big a musical talent either to get comfortable or to rest on his laurels. He has ventured into new musical territory in this new album.

    This release owes its original inspiration to a book published in 2013 entitled “Nachtmeerfahrten” (Sea Journeys by Night), which takes the reader over to the dark side of romanticism, to a world of fantasy, of eerie shadows, and things that go bump in the night. Producer Siggi Loch edited the “Meer”/ sea part out of the title, which therefore became “Nachtfahrten” (Night Journeys), which suits this pianist, who is a creature of the nocturnal realm. He feels very much at home in a world of grey cats and blurred outlines, where the contrasting emotions of the moment can leave all rational expectations behind; this is a backdrop which is alive with possibility, but also with trepidation.

    "Michael Wollny Trio’s dark, subconscious journey through dreamworlds, Weltentraum, took pianist and composer Wollny’s increasingly inspired vision to a new level of performance and imagination." JAZZWISE - ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2014

    Confirmed press:
    Interviews - BBC Radio 2 Jamie Cullum Show; Jazz FM; Jazz Journal; 'Album Interview' in Jazzwise
    Album reviews to be confirmed

    Michael Wollny - piano
    Christian Weber - bass
    Eric Schaefer - drums
  • 1 CD
    upc/ean. 614427959225
    ref. ACT9592-2
    release date. 2015-10-30

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