The American Dream

1 CD - Mode Records Modeavant13
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original title: Marco Cappelli: The American Dream

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  • In the '60s and '70s Italian film composers imitated American surf music and created the distinctive sound of spaghetti westerns, noir and horror B-movies. Take one Italian guitarist active in the Downtown Improvisation and New Music scene – combine with youthful influences of movie music and Spaghetti Westerns – mix well with a love of ‘60s Surf Sound (think The Ventures, Beach Boys, etc.) bathed in reverb – anchor with a solid rhythm section of bass and drums… and you get the Italian Surf Academy! The baddest bad Morricone you’ve ever heard!

    Cappelli explains the genesis of the project: “Back then in the ‘50s - ‘70s, the U.S. was more than a geographic place, it was a concept which we dreamed of belonging to: the prairies, a cowboy on his horse riding into the sunset encompassed by that warm guitar sound with a lot of reverb. This image was made up by the American movie industry and copied in many movies with a “made in Italy” label, shouted in Italy or abroad by Italian directors. That’s why we decided to work on our “Italian Surf Sound” version. We also pay homage to an “original” by reinterpreting Secret Agent Man, the only American cover in the CD.”

    "The tunes are good & trippy and soaked in just the right amount of reverb. But the secret weapon of the program is guest vocalist Gaia Matteuzzi, who brings to “Sesso Matto” a barely contained mashup of Diamanda Gallas, Brigitte Bardot, and “Love To Love You Baby”-era Donna Summer. Terrific stuff." (Something Else)


  • 1 CD
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