Dust My Broom

Blues Characters Vol.27

2 CD - Le Chant du Monde 2742516/17
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original title: James Elmore / Dust My Broom

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  • BLUES CHARACTERS, a prestigious new 30-volume collection, invites the listener to discover the work of the great men and women who made blues history; the pioneers of one of the greatest musical adventures of the twentieth century. Released as an 3-panel Digipack, each volume of the collection includes 2 CDs (nearly 2 1/2 hours of listening) and is accompanied by a 36-page booklet containing biographies and notes in French and English, with original photos and illustrations. Blues Characters will make a truly wonderful addition to any blues collection. The first 10 volumes of this authoritative collection are presented here, with 20 further volumes to follow in 2016.

    In Elmore James’ brand of blues, more than the harshness of his guitar - amplified until it is almost too loud - his voice is what stands out and drives us almost to distraction. Like dozens of others, Elmore James was an outstanding guitarist, a determined bandleader, a reliable composer and an imaginative songwriter. Like some others, the title of ‘King of the Slide Guitar’ seemed to be one he deserved, but like almost no one, he had the rare ability to generate extremely varied emotions and express the inexpressible, to pierce people’s souls and brains with his unique, inimitable and completely novel voice. Elmore James erases all boundaries between ‘urban’ blues and ‘country’ blues. A genuine desperado of this brand of music, he managed to break free of the constraints of a profession which reduced creative freedom to the hypothetically inescapable demands of clients and the market.

  • 2 CD - 2h 35mn 28s
    upc/ean. 3149024251627
    ref. 2742516/17
    release date. 2015-10-30