Slow Eastbound Train

1 CD - Edition Records EDN1057
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original title: Daniel Herskedal: Slow Eastbound Train

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technical comment

  • A tuba playing jazz musician might have the right to describe his sound as unique – after all, tuba soloists in jazz are as rare as hen’s teeth. But when we describe Norwegian tuba player and composer Daniel Herskedal as unique, we’re not referring to his choice of horn. In the last few years this young musician has proved he has the facility, vision and musicianship to push the boundaries of his instrument, technically and sonically, further than anyone has done so. The result, as demonstrated by his new album ‘Slow Eastbound Train’, is a spellbinding and mesmerising sound worthy of a vast international audience.

    In Norwegian musicians Eyolf Dale (piano) and Helge Andreas Norbakken (percussion) as well as the Trondheim Soloists, Norway’s most celebrated string orchestra, Daniel has the perfect vehicle to demonstrate his facility as both instrumentalist and composer. And ‘Slow Eastbound Train’ is a sublimely beautiful and melodic album full of diverse influences and unique soundscapes that entirely fulfils both Daniel’s promise and the full potential of this group.

    Beneath the melodic, sublime, elegant themes that make up the pieces on ‘Slow Eastbound Train’ there’s a rhythmical energy in the string writing as well as the virtuosity of his tuba playing that gives the album its wonderfully varied and vibrant feel. This is the sound of a master arranger and musical thinker at work.

    DANIEL HERSKEDAL tuba, bass trumpet
    EYOLF DALE piano
    THE TRONDHEIM SOLOISTS chamber string orchestra
  • 1 CD
    upc/ean. 5065001530586
    ref. EDN1057
    release date. 2015-04-06