Souvenirs d'Italie

Count Harrach's Musical Diaries

1 CD - harmonia mundi HMC902253
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Maurice Steger [recorders]
original title: Souvenirs d'Italie / Maurice Steger
collection: harmonia mundi Classique

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  • Concerti and Sonatas by Sammartini, Caldara, Vinci, Hasse, Piani, Forenza....

    “Naples is the capital of the musical world”, wrote Charles de Brosses in one of his letters from Italy from
    1739/1740. He also wrote “Naples is the sole Italian city that seems truly a capital…” and this was not an
    exaggeration: it was the largest city in 17th century Europe and possessed four conservatories. Musicians trained there spent most of their lives in the service of sovereigns and aristocrats in other major European courts, such as Paris and Vienna. During their lifetime, they were internationally regarded among the finest exponents of their art. and their music adds an entirely new dimension to the history of Italian instrumental music.
    That variety of tastes and colours is the hallmark of this recording devoted to the staggeringly virtuosic music for recorder brought back from Italy by Count Harrach [the Austrian diplomat Aloys Thomas Raimund], who served as Hapsburg viceroy in Naples from 1728 to 1733. Hasse, Vinci, Sammartini, and the less familiar names of Antoni, Fiorenza, Leo and Sarro represent these souvenirs of a six-year gilded exile, which is preserved in his collection of precious manuscripts.

    1-3 Giuseppe SAMMARTINI (1695-1750): Concerto per flautino in F Major
    4 Lelio COLISTA (1629-1680): Sinfonia à 3
    5-7 G.A. HASSE (1699-1783): Cantata per flauto in B flat Major
    8-10 Domenico SARRO (1679-1744): Concerto per flauto in D Minor
    11 Antonio CALDARA (c. 1671?-1736): Ciaccona a 3
    12-15 Leonardo VINCI (c. 1696-1730): Overture & Song from the Opera Elpidia “Tortora che il suo bene”
    16 Leonardo LEO (1694-1744): Toccata XIII per cembalo in C Major
    17-20 Nicola FIORENZA (c. 1700-1764): Sonata per flauto in A Minor
    21-23 A. M. MONTANARI (1676-1737): Concerto per flautino in B flat Major
    24-28 G. A. PIANI (1678- after 1759): Sonata IV for recorder in D Major
  • Maurice Steger [recorders]

    Nadja Zwiener, Fiorenza de Donatis, Katharina Heutjer [violin]
    Jonas Zschenderlein [violin & viola]
    Mauro Valli [cello & cello piccolo]
    Vanni Moretto [double-bass]
    Naoki Kitaya [harpsichord]
    Philippe Grisvard [harpsichord & organ]
    Gianluca Capuano [organ]
    Margit Übellacker [dulcimer]
    Michele Pasotti, Daniele Caminiti [theorbo]
    David Bergmüller [theorbo & guitar]
    Shai Kribus [oboe]
    Giulia Genini [bassoon]
  • 1 CD - 1h 12mn 39s
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    ref. HMC902253
    release date. 2016-11-18