Gagner L'Argent Français

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Mamani Keita
original title: Mamani Keita - Gagner L'Argent

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  • In Mali, it is customary that those who have the royal name of Keita are banned from singing or playing an instrument. Fortunately, there are some exceptions.

    Mamani Keita, who used to be a back-up singer for another Keita outcast (Salif) and for the Badema National group, is set to become one of the main ambassadors of modern African music. Gagner l'Argent Français ("To earn French money"), her third album, is her most electric and most daring to date. It highlights a strong, passionate, and independent personality as well as a rebellious voice, unleashed by the inventive and eclectic sonic environment created by Nicolas Repac, the guitarist and arranger famous for his work with long time collaborator Arthur H.

    Her encounter in France with rock musician Marc Minelli was the first real turning point in her career. With him she recorded the album Electro Bamako (2002), in which she uses her native language, Bambara, and her Mandinke heritage with the self-educated non-conformism that became her trademark. In 2006, Keita and Repac gave us Yelema, her second record, the first on the Nø Førmat! label, on which traditional instrumentation and computer programming are intertwined. Dee Dee Bridgewater invited her to participate on the 2007 album Red Earth (A Malian Journey) and then brought her along for a world tour. Mamani also guested on Da Lata's Serious (2010).

    Over the course of this long journey, Mamani crafted the songs for Gagner l'Argent Français, to which the guitarist Djeli Moussa Kouyaté brought the finishing touches. The tracks were then subjected to the intricate sonic editing of Nicolas Repac's poetic imagination. Some of them rely on a rock foundation (Sinikan, Gagner l'Argent Français) with a tapestry of guitars and a binary rhythm. Others transport us into dub's hypnotic round (Massigui) or the hard-hitting paraphrase of afro beat (Konia). The traditional mandinke instruments, -ngoni, kora, monocorde-, are meshed with globalized samples, klezmer clarinette, Chinese lute, classical strings.
  • Mamani Keita

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