Kel Tamasheq

1 CD - World Village 479070
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original title: Terakaft : Kel Tamasheq

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  • In the language of the Sahara the name of the group Terakaft, founded in Mali in 2001, means caravan and Kel Tamasheq refers to those who speak Tamasheq, meaning the Tuareg People. Electric riffs swirl, twirl and prance through these songs that far from stereotypical clichés, recount the story of an authentic people. British guitarist and producer Justin Adams captures the trance-like motion that feeds Terakaft's blues-soaked desert-rock, music that is also the hallmark of Africa's last remaining nomads.

    For the first time Terakaft have invited musicians to record with them on Kel Tamasheq. Nadia & Yamina Nid El Mourid, vocalists from Lo’Jo, sing on Alma Ymaïma. Richard Bourreau, also from Lo’Jo (who are old friends), plays the imzad, the Tuareg string violin, on the title track of the album. Jean-Louis Livenais plays a guitar glissando on Adounia Awa and Justin Adams plays guitars and some percussion too.

    Kel Tamasheq, Terakaft’s fourth record, is a tribute to the suffering of the Tuareg people. For decades, the desert guitarists have documented their despair, following the trail-blazing Tinariwen (from whose ranks Terakaft first emerged) – the group who alerted the world to the politics, culture and searing guitars of the western Sahara. Their songs composed by the three guitarists, Liya, Sanou and Abdallah, deal directly with the political and economic problems of their people. “It’s an age favourable to war; the years to come will be full of fury” (‘Imgharen Win Ibda’); “There is no one left because of the violence of war” (‘Idja A Seman’). It’s a difficult message but a timely one as Northern Mali becomes ungovernable and the Ansar Dine Islamist fighters destroy the mud heritage of Timbuktu.
  • Terakaft

    World Music : MALI / TUAREG

    Liya Ag Ablil : vocals, guitars
    Sanou Ag Ahmed : vocals, guitars, bass
    Abdallah Ag Ahmed : vocals, bass, guitars
    Mathias Vaguenez : percussion
  • 1 CD - 0h 52mn 37s
    upc/ean. 3149026007628
    ref. 479070
    release date. 2012-08-27

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