Uchina - Sounds of Okinawa Island

1 CD - Winter&Winter 910192-2
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original title: Various Artists: Uchina-Sounds of Okinawa Island

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  • Years ago Stefan Winter start a series of audio journeys through the music and culture of islands; a voyage of discovery through the world of hearing that has taken in Cuba, Trinidad, Hawaii and now Okinawa.

    Islands are self-contained "small worlds" with their own rules and own character. Okinawa is such a distinguishable island in Japan. The audible travel journal »Uchina« (»Okinawa«) will put you in touch with an enchanted power of a sound, full of magic and traditional culture, maybe unfamiliar for Western people, but worth a voyage of discovery into a wondrous sound world with high sensitivity.

    Okinawan culture is quite different from that of other prefectures in Japan. For example, Okinawa is known for its Ryukyu music, Eisa-dance, and many other traditions like Shimadaiko. Taiko (drums), the sanshin (a three-string-instrument similar to a banjo) and vocals are the main sound elements of Okinawa’s music. Since over fifty years it was for the first time possible to record Awase-Chondara which is a very special performance art. It was also very important for this project to capture the sounds of the wind and waves beating the rocks. Hundreds of young girls jumped over a cliff in the south of Okinawa and killed themselves at the end of the battle of Okinawa in 1945. The Sound of Okinawa speaks to the world outside the island and has something to tell, if only we are ready to listen.


  • 1 CD - 1h 10mn 33s
    upc/ean. 025091019229
    ref. 910192-2
    release date. 2013-07-01

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