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Le Trio Joubran
original title: Trio Joubran : As Fâr

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  • Fresh from a successful 'Making Tracks' UK tour, the Trio Joubran are establishing themselves at the forefront of Arabic music. The new album AsFâr is their finest and most complete to date, with Dhafer Youssef contributing guest vocals to the brothers intricate and dazzling interplay.

    Le Trio Joubran are the sons of a Palestinian master luthier, who is the son of a master luthier. a family steeped in the 4,000-year history of the oud, ancestor of the guitar, and it this instrument that is their passion, their skill and their life. They take inspiration from maverick figures in jazz and flamenco, traditions that also highly value virtuosity and improvisation. Sometimes, the three brothers play together in precise unison, or merge their sounds to spin out rich, textured drones and ostinatos. At other times, they stand apart as distinct voices locked in passionate dialogue. The title of their recent album Majaz, translates as 'metaphor'; a suggestion that, although they rarely resort to words, these brothers do have things to say. With mysterious, seductive eloquence, they communicate profound ideas about history, musical evolution, and the beautiful aesthetics of Arabic music, still far too little-known in the West.
  • Le Trio Joubran

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    release date. 2011-03-28

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