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Warsaw Village Band
original title: Warsaw Village Band: Nord

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  • 2012 the year of their 15th anniversary saw the Warsaw Village Band finish work on their 6th album: »Nord« is a meeting of musicians in search of common elements between the Slavs, the Scandinavians and the aboriginal peoples of the North. The Warsaw Village Band hosts this musical summit as a tribute to the heroes and mystics, the Viking warriors, and the poets of the Saami and Inuit peoples.

    Music strangely familiar; harsh, but dignified, cold, rough - deep and strong, with a hint of nostalgia and with a piercing thrill of truth. The relationships of the countries of the North have a long history. The Vikings invaded Polish lands in the Middle Ages and had considerable influence on the Polish state. They also explored deeply into the continent of North America, establishing settlements in present-day Canada. During the Polish - Swedish wars of the 17th century, along with other spoils, Sweden also imported the Polish dance Kujawiak, which to this day is known in Sweden by the name Polska. All of these diverse but related musical influences meet for the first time ever in the Warsaw Village Band Nord project.

    Guests on the album include the Swedish cult band Hedningarna (tracks 1 & 2) who are considered a seminal precursor of world music. Hedningarna, whose music has long been admired by Warsaw Village Band, come to return the stolen Kujawiak! The Nord project is also graced by the presence of Sandy Scofield (track 10) - one of the greatest Canadian singer/songwriters, with roots deep in her Indian past. Nord is the collective result of this unique encounter between artistes; a return to the wild, tribal trance notes, as well as lyrical songs and pulsating dance.
  • Warsaw Village Band

    File under: POLAND

    Warsaw Village Band 2012 are:
    Magda Sobczak - dulcimer, lead vocals
    Ewa Walecka - violin
    Sylvia Swiatkoska - violin, zuka, vocals
    Maciej Szajkowski - frame drums, percussions
    Piotr Glinski - baraban drums, percussions
    Pawel Mazurczak - bass
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    release date. 2012-05-07