So Bouzouk

1 CD - Institut du Monde Arabe 321095
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original title: Issa : So Bouzouk

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  • Issa Hassan is a Lebanese buzuq (lute) player whose music remains deeply rooted in his Kurdish Omeri origins, but whose recent musical creations give a whole new dimension to Kurdish music, when his compositions and arrangements combine his unique expression with those from other horizons, other musical languages. He has developed these convergences with several musical genres - from flamenco to jazz - by choosing musicians who are also interested in developing new musical languages.

    Improvisation, which is still a vital part of this musical genre, stimulates their capacity to explore new forms. Their convergence creates new areas of exploration for musicians and new musical emotions for listeners. In this album, Issa expresses a personal universe, which reveals his talent, who he is, what he likes, and what he discovers every day.
  • Issa

    World Music: MIDDLE EAST

    Issa Hassan - buzuq, cümbü, cura, saz, vocals
    Elie Maalouf - piano
    Emek Evci - double bass
    Youssef Hbeisch - cymbals, percussion, claps
    Manuel Delgado - flamenco guitare

  • 1 CD - 0h 53mn 14s
    upc/ean. 3149028014624
    ref. 321095
    release date. 2012-06-04

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