Diaspora in Buenos Aires

1 CD - Winter&Winter 910196-2
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The Linetzky Family
original title: The Linetzky Family: Diaspora In Buenos Aires

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  • Andrés Linetzky’s grandfather José was born in 1916 in Belz, in the heart of Europe. At the time, 6,000 people still lived there, 3,600 of them Jews. Jewish culture is at home in the town. The Linetzkys live in the ‘Street of musicians’. They are ‘Klezmers’, as musicians who play ‘yiddish’ music are referred to, and they own a bookshop. In 1929 – José is eight years old – the Linetzkys emigrate to Buenos Aires, escaping extermination. Among the few things they carry in their luggage, there is José’s mother’s mandolin. Almost a hundred years later, her instrument can be heard on this album. The young Linetzky generation plays ‘Beltz mas Sher’, a tribute to Belz. In their new South American environment, the Linetzkys meet regularly to play music at home. Klezmer is played, cultivated and transmitted from the great-grandfather to the grandfather, from the grandfather to the father, the son and the grandson. Diaspora in Buenos Aires. The tradition lives on!
  • The Linetzky Family


    Andrés Linetzky - piano
    Bruno Linetzky - clarinet
    Matías Linetzky - trumpet, mandolin
    Lucila Linetzky - vocals
    Guillermo Linetzky - drums
    Leonardo Linetzky - flute
    José Linetzky - viola
  • 1 CD - 0h 57mn 27s
    upc/ean. 025091019625
    ref. 910196-2
    release date. 2012-07-30